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Audit And Assurance Services

CPA Vietnam offer a wide range of audit and assurance services that are well designed to meet your specific requirements. These services include:

VAS Statutory Audit

Foreign Invested entities and certain Vietnamese entities are required to have their financial statements audited and submitted to competent authorities within three months after the entities’ financial year end. This is the audit of financial statements that prepared in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards (“VAS”) for statutory submission.

Review of Financial Statements and Financial Information

We offer limited review services for interim reports of listed companies and other entities as required.

IFRS Audit

Audit of local and foreign owned entities whose financial statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) either for overseas regulatory and/or filings with foreign stock exchanges, group reporting or management purposes and submission to banks and foreign investors.

Compilation of Financial Information

We offer our expertise to compile and help you to prepare financial statements in accordance with either VAS, IFRS or US GAAP.  The financial statements will be prepared in Vietnamese and English

Agreed-upon Procedures

We conduct specific procedures on specified financial information for a particular special purpose and then preparing a report based on procedures that were designed and agreed with client beforehand.

Project Completion Audit

We conduct audit on the financial statements of the project. The audit could be carried out in several phases and a final report is issued for the complete project.

Depend on the requirements of each assignment, our audit will be designed and performed in compliance with current Vietnamese Standards on Auditing.

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