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CPA VIETNAM Auditing Company Limited – Member of International Auditing Firm Moore Stephens (abbreviation: CPA VIETNAM). According to the Certificate of Business Registration No. 0101917917, the 11th amended by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City on 01/10/2015. Established and put into operation, CPA VIETNAM has quickly become a prestigious company in the industry with extensive experience in the field of Accounting, Auditing and Financial Consulting.

As a member of Moore Stephens International Auditing Company, CPA VIETNAM is able to access a broad range of resources from a network of 614 members and 30,168 employees operating in 112 countries around the world. At the same time, CPA VIETNAM receives the support of experienced professionals to help ensure that the services provided by CPA VIETNAM are of equal quality to those from other members of the global network.

With a long-term vision, CPA VIETNAM’s auditors are well-equipped, dynamic and creative. The key to CPA VIETNAM’s success lies in its professional and experienced auditor team, with extensive knowledge and understanding of the culture, customs, business environment, regulatory systems. Current law.

CPA VIETNAM’s auditors have conducted audits for many large and multidisciplinary clients in Vietnam. They are senior audit leaders responsible for audits at GCs, large state corporations, foreign-invested enterprises and projects funded by national organizations. .

After more than 12 years striving and growing up to now, CPA VIETNAM has become one of the leading companies with high quality of service and number of customers in Audit. In October 2015, the Company adopted the policy of developing the company, transforming the form of enterprise ownership, in line with the model of Moore Stephens International Auditing Company, which CPA VIETNAM is a member and Vietnam Auditing Union Company. CPA VIETNAM) and National Auditing Company (VIA) merged and changed its name to CPA VIETNAM Auditing Partnership Company, With the desire to develop the independent auditing and integration industry, sustainable development and Professional of people dedicated to CPA VIETNAM brand.

In any field of Accounting, Auditing and Consulting. CPA VIETNAM always ensures the quality of service and service is always perfect, proving CPA VIETNAM is the pioneer and leader in the market with the most standard products and services that CPA VIETNAM is rated as It has the potential to expand its vision of the region and the world with the motto “Quality of service, understanding and global vision”.

CPA VIETNAM would like to welcome all customers who are and will come to CPA VIETNAM


CPA VIETNAM Auditing Company Limited

Floor 8, VG Building, 235 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan Dist. Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel : 024 3783 2121
Fax : 024 3783 2122