What kind of taxes does the company have to pay?

///What kind of taxes does the company have to pay?
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What kind of taxes does the company have to pay?

What are the taxes you are looking for? what is the tax rate? When is the deadline? Refer to this article.
For every business that goes along with running a business well, the tax problem is always a headache for managers and accountants. Since capital and tax planning is extremely difficult and complex. In particular, these issues are strictly controlled by state tax authorities. So what company must pay taxes, what is the tax rate to learn together through the rules of inquiry and readers.

What taxes are required?

1, excise tax

Excise tax is a business tax paid annually, enterprises after business registration must pay license tax right in the month of business registration.

Tier 1: Registered capital of over 10 billion, the excise tax of the whole year is 3 million.

Tier 2: Registered capital of VND 5 billion to VND 10 billion, the annual excise tax rate of VND 2,000,000.

Tier 3: Registered capital of between VND 2 billion and under 5 billion, the license tax of the whole year shall be VND 1,500,000.

Tier 4: Registered capital of less than 2 billion VND, license fee of the whole year is 1,000,000 VND

Private enterprises, joint-venture companies, limited liability companies and joint-stock companies shall pay the excise tax on the basis of the capital registered in the business registration certificate or investment license.

2. Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is the basic tax that most businesses pay: The tax rate of 28% applies to all businesses registered under the Enterprise Law (private companies, partnerships, companies). limited liability companies, joint stock companies) operate in any sector, except for oil and gas exploration and production (with a tax rate of 28% to 50%);

Preferential tax rates of 20%, 15% and 10% are applied when certain criteria are met such as some industries or localities that are encouraging investment. current;

3. Value added tax:

There are 3 levels of VAT as follows:

– The tax rate of 0% applied to export goods subject to special sales tax, software exports, services to companies operating in export processing zones, goods produced by subcontractors and goods of one Foreign investment enterprises sell to foreigners but deliver goods in Vietnam; and construction activities for foreign construction projects

– The 5% tax rate applies to about 41 groups of goods and services such as coal, machinery, metallurgical products, molds, chemicals, computers and components, explosives, tires, welding rods and services. construction, installation, repair services, transportation services, industrial cement products, pine resin, sugar, sugarcane, drinking water, fertilizers, pesticides, medical equipment pharmaceuticals, toys, unprocessed agricultural and forestry products, computers and computer disks;

– A 10% tax rate applies to 16 categories of goods and services, and the 17th group includes any goods and services not included in the above mentioned tariffs such as gold and silver trading. maritime transport agents, brokerage services, four-seater automobiles, petroleum, gas, electronics, home appliances, fabrics, clothing, construction, installation, post and telecommunications consulting, accounting, travel and shipping services.

4. Import and export tax:

Import and export tariffs regularly change (quarterly). Export taxes are only imposed on a number of commodities, mainly natural resources such as rice, minerals, forest products, fish, scrap metal, and so on. Tax rate from 0% to 45%. Import and export tax applies when enterprises carry out import and export of goods subject to tax.

Personal income tax

Members of the enterprise must pay personal income in accordance with the law on personal income tax. Enterprises shall have to declare and pay enterprise income tax to their employees.

6. Land rent: Enterprises having assets being land use rights must pay land tax.

7. Other charges and fees

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