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Services » Corporate finance advisory
20/09/2010 00:00

CPA VIETNAM has been developing a reputation as one of the leading providers of corporate finance. We provide valuable insights into how companies can grow and wealth. Our expertise could prove to be a determining factor in the success of your venture.

Regardless of where you are in the life-cycle or what type of business you are, we will provide you with the specialist skills, practical experience, and objectivity to ensure that you achieve your objectives and create a successful and valuable corporate asset.

Here are services that CPA VIETNAM can provide you:

+ Valuation Services
+ Equitization Services
+ Reorganization Services
+ Merger & Acquisition Services
+ Taxation Services
+ Risk management
1.Corporate Valuation

CPA VIETNAM has the qualifications and experience to analyze all factors necessary in determining a company's value. We pull together the complex legal and financial criteria for determining a company's value, including the nature of the company, its history and economic outlook.

We are well experienced in the following valuations:

+ Determine purchase price allocation and goodwill impairment.
+ Provide fairness opinions and formal valuations.
+ Identify and value intangible assets, such as intellectual property, customer relationships, technology, trademarks/names, etc.
+ Provide valuations of assets and business interest for taxation purposes.
+ Provide extensive financial and operational research.
+ Research transactions of comparable businesses or properties.
+ Perform cost segregation studies for income tax and financial statement reporting purposes.
2. Equitization Advisory

In going public, companies will have the opportunity to link with the huge venture capital sources from the stock market, thus opening more chances to build brand name and corporate value to the public.

CPA VIETNAM provides equitization advisory service to private as well as state-owned enterprises. We work closely with the company throughout the whole privatization/equitization process to ensure smooth transition for our clients while they convert from state/private to joint-stock ownership companies.

Our staffs are directed toward finding out the new solutions for client's complex matters. We focus on supplying the highly qualitative services through the staffs who have experience in consulting on equitization.

We will assist you in the following tasks:

+ Prepare all aspects of the equitization plan
+ Solve existing financial matters and re-estimate company's assets
+ Conduct a comprehensive valuation
+ Identify potential investors
+ Advise on capital and shareholder structure, and offering price
+ Initial Public Offerings
+ Post-equitization services 
3. Capital Restructuring and Performance Improvement Advisory

Nowadays rapidly evolving business environment, under- performing companies and their management teams often go through stages of drifting and denial. Regardless of the root of the problem, stakeholders need to see that the organization is implementing the required strategic action in a timely fashion.

CPA VIETNAM's Reorganization Service provides participants with information about various reorganization activities, and processes these actions on a participant's behalf. Also, We assigns voting or consenting rights to participants in conjunction with shareholder meetings or consent solicitations.

Our reorganization service specialists provide:

+ Tailored "turnaround" methodologies
+ Cost structure analysis
+ Debt structuring and refinancing
+ Liquidity management
+ Asset dispositions
+ Cash management and creditor communication
+ Interim management
+ Management and/or orderly liquidation or saleof loan portfolios and/or failed/troubled financial institutions 
4. M&A

Common way to expand your business include making a strategic acquisition or merging with another business. It explains what you should know and understand about your own business, how to find out whether a merger could benefit your firm, how to evaluate a business you hope, it goes into the legalities involved in mergers and acquisitions. CPA VIETNAM always support you in back.

Through experienced professionals at CPA VIETNAM, we give an approach based on a commitment to transfer to the Client the necessary knowledge and methods of work utilised. We address the following key transactional elements, drivers and intricacies:

+ Merger & acquisition strategy
+ Target screening
+ Transaction execution (due diligence, valuations, tax structuring, accounting structuring)
+ Merger integration (planning and execution)
+ Commercial due diligence
+ Lender due diligence
+ Vendor due diligence
+ Alternative Investment Market listings
+ Real estate advisory
5. Taxation advisory

We also provide taxation advisory and consultancy services delivered in a friendly, practical manner and designed to suit the business and personal needs of our clients. We give advice to both individuals and corporate clients, ranging from small family business to large multinationals. We advise on all aspects of tax, both domestic and international and deal with a wide range of assignments from preparing tax returns to complex property and international transactions, including:

+ Domestic and international income taxation
+ Commodity and value added taxation
+ International transfer pricing and related taxation planning / compliance
+ Succession and estate planning
+ Payroll and benefits taxation
6. Risk management

CPA VIETNAM offers a variety of services to corporate risk managers, insurers, self-insureds, wholesalers, brokers and reinsurers. Utilizing our global network of dedicated employees, our goal is simple: we protect the financial assets of our customers by reducing their losses and expenses. Our innovative methods of controlling customer loss costs - built upon our markable practices and leakage management processes - together with our superior information tools and record of providing extraordinarily responsive and tailored customer service.

CPA VIETNAM offers a variety of services to risk management solution. We protect the financial assets of our customers by reducing their losses and expenses. Our services including:

+ Corporate governance
+ Strategic business planning
+ Risk management framework development
+ Enterprise wide risk assessments
+ Compliance Monitor - automated compliance monitoring and reporting tool
+ Risk and performance reporting
+ Internal control assessments, “health checks” and business process improvement
+ Fraud risk assessments and forensic accounting services
+ Project management.


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