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The fourth Trade Union General Meeting of CPA VIETNAM was held successfully 31/08/2012 13:10

On morning, 25/8/2012, the fourth Trade union General Meeting for term of 2012 – 2015 of Vietnam Auditing Partnership Company (CPA VIETNAM) – A Member Firm of Moore Stephens International Limited was organized successfully.

Attending the meeting were the comrades represent Labor Union of Cau Giay District, the Company’s Board of Director together with trade unionist.

Main contents of the meeting included assessing operation result of the Company Trade Union in term of 2010 -2012, drawing experience lessons to formulate direction, tasks and solution for term of 2012 – 2015; collecting opinions contributed to draft report of the Third Executive Committee of the Trade Union of Cau Giay District in the fourth Trade Union General Meeting; summarizing the opinion for amending Charter of Vietnam’s Labour Union. At the meeting the delegates elected the Executive Committee of the Company’s Trade Union of term 2012 – 2015 and appointed delegate attending the Trade Union General Meeting of Cau Giay District for term of 2012 -2015

In term of 2010 – 2012, CPA VIETNAM Trade Union reached achievements in many section such as educational propagation activities; management activities, care over living and conditions of workers; build strong trade union organization of the Company Party Cell, develop the Company. With the results gained, CPA VIETNAM received the title of strong labor unit.

Beside achieved results, operations of the Company Labour Union still faced to some limits which Mr. Nguyen Phu Ha – General Director said in the meeting.

“ A group of trade unionists, Executive Committee of the Company’s Trade Union, do not have time on activities, of which majority of them has not been attended political theory courses, legislation knowledge for labour’s union. On the other hand, the Company’s Trade Union does not still have plan for specific activities which are close to common activities of the District’s Trade Union and the Company; hence, this makes limtits for operation ability and effectiveness of trade union activities. Moreover, due to nature of auditing work requiring staffs to make business travel regularly, high intensity of work in auditing season lead to the fact that it is quite difficult to implement trade union activities widely for all unionists in the company.

Drawing experience from above mentioned limits, the trade union of term 2012 – 2015 will focus on some tasks such as continually, develop educational propagation activities, improve legislation knowledge; participate actively in building, developing management of the Company, holding activities related to political activities; taking care over living and working conditions of the employees.”

Talking to the meeting, Comrade Ngo Duc Cuong – Member of Excutive Committee of Trade Union of Cau Giay District appreciated highly operation results of the Company’s union trade and express his expectation on the achievements of the fourth Company’s Trade Union in the future.

The fourth meeting of CPA VIETNAM’s Trade Union selected Executive Committee of term

2012 – 2015.

-         Mr. Nguyen Que Duong – Deputy General Director cum Chairman of the Trade Union.

-         Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien – Deputy Manager of Public Relations Department cum Member of the Trade Union’s Executive Committee.

-        Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Mo -  Deputy Manager of Accounting and Finance Department, Member of the Trade Unions’s Executive Committee.

The delegates also appointed 01 representative attending the Trade Union General Meeting of Cau Giay District; 100% delegates voted to approved the Meeting Resolution.


Here are some photos taken at the meeting:






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