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Banking System’s Safety Ratios Better 26/07/2013 16:08

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has unveiled a number of basic indices of the banking sector on its website, indicating that operations of credit institutions have improved compared to previous months.

Banking Assets Hit 237 Billion USD In Five Months 25/07/2013 16:05

Total assets for the banking industry reached 5,225 trillion VND (237.51 billion USD) by the end of May, the highest level since the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) decided to disclose the figure in June 2012.

Gov‘t Monitors Rising Forex Rate Closely 25/07/2013 16:03

The exchange rate between the Vietnamese dong and US dollar is likely to continue rising in the remaining months of the year, but it would still be under the control of the State Bank of Viet Nam, according to a source from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Vietnam Sees Slight CPI Rise in July 24/07/2013 16:02

The national Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) in July went up by a modest 0.27 percent against the previous month and 6.81 percent over the same period last year, the General Statistic Office (GSO) announced on July 24.

Petroleum Price Hike Drives Up Inflation Rates In Big Cities 24/07/2013 16:01

After three consecutive decreases and one slight increase, the consumer price index (CPI) spiked in Hanoi and HCM City this month as a result of the petroleum price hike in late June, according to the Statistics Departments.

Steel Businesses Threatened By Insolvency 24/07/2013 15:59

 The Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) has warned Vietnam’s domestic steel industry could be driven into bankruptcy if the State does not immediately intervene.

Tax Policy Changes Hit Plastic Industry 24/07/2013 15:58

Recent tax regulations of the Ministry of Finance such as an increase in import tax on materials and changes in tax payment and tax grace duration for material imports are striking companies in the plastic industry.

Growth In Mobile Subscriber Number Stagnant 23/07/2013 15:57

 There had been 143 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam as of end-May, 1.5 times higher than the country’s population, but the growth in the number of subscribers has markedly slowed down, said Vietnam Telecommunications Authority.

SBV ‘Unlikely‘ To Cut Rate Further 23/07/2013 15:56

The lowering of the open market operations (OMO) interest rate by the Sate Bank of Viet Nam (SBV) could trigger outflows, further exacerbating the liquidity crunch and possibly pushing term rates higher, according to a report by HSBC Bank.

Insurance Firms Eye Lower Dividends 23/07/2013 15:54

Many insurers have planned to slash dividend payments, following the usual round of insurance company shareholder meetings.

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