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VACPA to sign an MOU with ICAEW 10/11/2011 16:34

 The signing event between VACPA and ICAEW was hosted by the British Embassy, taking place at the same place and right after the signing of an MoU between British Embassy and British University in Vietnam. Mr. Clive Parritt – ICAEW President and Mr. Mark Billington – Regional Director of ICAEW came to Vietnam to sign the MoU. On VACPA side, attending the ceremony were Mr. Tran Van Ta – VACPA President, Mr. Bui Van Mai – VACPA Deputy President, along with representatives of VACPA Executive Board and VACPA Hanoi Office. Mr. Tran Van Ta and Mr. Clive Parritt signed the MoU under the direct witness of British Ambassador in Vietnam.




In his speech at the signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Van Ta stated that the signing of an MoU and establishment of an official co-operation relationship will bring mutual benefit for both institutes. Specifically, ICAEW will have opportunities to expand relationship with the state agencies, the community of accountants and auditors in Vietnam to gradually build a member foundation in Vietnam. On the other hand, VACPA will have opportunities to access a rich resource of knowledge and expertise best international practices on member management, professional ethics, technical research, continuing professional development, professional accountancy training, audit quality monitoring, education and examinations…


Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Clive Parritt and Mr. Mark Billington visited VACPA Hanoi Office. Mr. Tran Van Ta encouraged ICAEW to quickly establish a representative office in Vietnam to start their practical operation and promotion to widespread their reputation to the state agencies and accountants and auditors in Vietnam.


As the first support of VACPA to ICAEW, VACPA contacted and arranged a meeting between the leaders of the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam and the President of ICAEW. In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Bui Van Mai went with Mr. Clive Parritt to diplomatically meet Vice Minister of Finance Tran Xuan Ha to introduce ICAEW, present the development plan of ICAEW in Vietnam, co-operation plan with VACPA and express their longing for support of the MOF so that ICAEW can quickly expand their operation and develop members in Vietnam. Mr. Tran Xuan Ha also briefed the direction of the MOF in the future regarding accounting and auditing profession and requested for VACPA and ICAEW support for the MOF in their action.



Source: VACPA

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